I had the privilege of working on the program Recalling Hawai`i  in 2010 when it was first performed in Heidelberg, Germany with Roselle Keliihonipua Bailey, Creative Director Founder & President Emeritus Ka`Imi Na`auao O Hawai`i Nei Institute.  Researching the images that would be a background for the performers was an enriching education for me.

This is how the program was described in our media release:

“The hula performance includes a journey from the dawn of time until now, from the Hawaiian point of view – it is a performance in which the entire depth, the beauty, the all-encompassing experience of the hula in its original meaning is expressed.  From the darkness / Po creates the life, volcanoes – home of the goddess Pele, the first plants. People sailing far across the ocean with their canoes, find and cultivate fertile land. After many years, the first white men appear. The life of the indigenous population change, the love for their wonderful country remains. The royal family of Hawaiians accompanied people into the modern age, to be in a period in which the dignity and strength of that culture again is valued and honored.”

After performances in Germany and Switzerland, the program went on to be performed to full houses on Kauai, Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, and California. Now, eleven years later, our Ka`imi Board has agreed to release the professional video of our Maui performance and a link to the printed program. The educational value of “Recalling Hawai`i” has been praised by many who were able to be at the live performances. We are pleased to be able to now share it with the world.

Act One:  The Time of Po

Part Two:  Time of Ao

Click here to read the full program (pdf)

By Savitri Kumaran