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 Kaimi 08 Eo Emmalani

Ka `Imi Na`auao O Hawai`i Nei Institute

…means to search for the truth of the Hawaiian culture. Through hula, we help restore the culture to its original dignity. We teach how to understand, enjoy, and appreciate the medicine, science, art, language, crafts, philosophy and religion of the Hawaiian people.

“E Mau Ke Ea, E Mau Ke Ola” Let the spirit live; may life and health flourish”


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Keahualaka, A Door to Hawaiian Spirituality

Keahualaka is an ancient place of significance tucked into the cliff near Makana Peak in the Ke`e heiau complex.  Buy your copy of the DVD for $20 plus shipping.  Learn More 

Hawaiians as Scientists,
“He Mele No Kane”

‘Hawaiian style’ lesson plans DVD including Teachers Study Guide
This innovative teaching tool promotes cultural learning through films and photo of traditional chant and hula combined with related lesson plans, geared to elementary through middle school classes.   $15 plus shipping.   Learn more…

Current News

Hulu Mamo in Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Hulu Mamo in Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Hulu Mamo performance Einsiedler Anzeiger report from July 9, 2019, Switzerland Far away Hawaii - very near Performance of Hawaiian dances in the Theatersaal of the Stiftsschule, Einsiedeln “Hulu Mamo” – at the shores of time. Under this title The “Native Hawaiian...

He’e Nalu Canoe Blessing

He’e Nalu Canoe Blessing

On April 27th, 2019, the He’e Nalu Outrigger Canoe Club invited us (Kahiko I Hula O Ke Anuenue of California) back to bless their new canoe “Osprey” named for the seabird that is often seen in the vicinity where the paddlers practice. Roselle and Jim, being with us...

19th Century Hawaiian Language Manuscript

Printed copies of the two hand written booklets which comprise the “19th Century Hawaiian Language Manuscript”    are available through the University of Hawai`i Library system.  For information about how to access copies on O`ahu, Maui College and UH Hilo, go to the University of Hawai`i at Manoa Library website.  Contact a Hawaiian collections librarian listed on the site for access to the title “19th Century Hawaiian Language Manuscript”.

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