Performing of the Swiss Halau Hula Alapa’i I Ka Leo Mai“Fire and Ice”

Swiss Bankers meet the fire of Hawai’i on an Annual  Meeting in Wallbach, Switzerland,  in November 2007

The subject of the invitation to the bankers was “Fire and Ice” and our Halau was engaged to bring in the fire of Hawaii.

Switzerland is famous for its glaciers and well-known as watercastle of Europe.  Therefore, ice is deeply anchored in the consciousness of Swiss people. However, in the cold season many people are longing for light and warm temperatures. Thus, as a contrast to the cold and the ice, the fire of Hawai’i should ligthen up and warm the hearts of the people participating in the meeting. That is the reason why Roselle Bailey, our Kumu Hula chose the dances for our hula performance under the aspect of fire.

The fire was sparkling – the manager of the Restaurant Schiff in Wallbach for example was very enthusiastic about the great variety of the dances, our abilities and the intensity of the presentation. We were happy and proud to give some Swiss people the chance of getting to know part of the Hawai’ian culture a little closer. As dancers we could fill our own hearts with some of the fire and the heat and take it back home with us.