Kaua`i Museum is one of the best places on the island to learn about local culture. For many visitors. it is the first, and sometimes only, place they encounter Hawaiian history and arts. Many residents regard the museum and its staff as the premier repositories and ambassadors for Kaua`i`s rich heritage. They have earned this respect because they themselves live it.

When the Museum hosted the annual Archaeology Week conclave in October, Director Carol Lovell and her associates planned several days of field trips to archaeological sites. Because these places contain ancestral mana, Museum staff wanted to ensure that field trip participants would behave themselves properly. They therefore invited Roselle to teach protocol to those who signed up for the trips and to anyone else interested in learning about this important aspect of Hawaiian culture.

Since Roselle could not be on Kaua`i for October 1, she asked her senior students to conduct the workshop. Keahi, Keakawaiola, Moanikeala, and Heu`ionalani did the job. About 50 people, including Hawaiian studies teachers from Kaua`i Community College, halau members, Hawaiian immersion students, and visitors, attended this lively and informative event. Dale Rosenfeld videotaped the workshop for Ho`ike public television, and her video will be broadcast. (As of 1 January, we do not yet know when that broadcast will occur. If you would like to inquire, you can telephone the station at 246 1556.) Kaua`i Museum also plans to sell copies of Dale’s program, so if you would like to buy one, stop by the museum gift shop.