“Lucky you live Kaua`i” recently took on a new meaning for halau members; Roselle needed to be on island for two events, the annual membership meeting of Hui o Laka, and Dawn Kawahara’s book signing, on successive weekends in late November and early December.

While she was here, she taught three workshops on Hapa Haole Hula. As she explained, “it is important to know these songs. They are part of our tradition, and are dear to kupuna who grew up with them in the 40’s and 50’s.” Songs she taught were favorites like “Song of Old Hawaii”, and the ever-popular “Hukilau.” In the second and third sessions, students worked on more recent examples of the genre: “Hula Lady” and “Moonlight Lady.”

For haumana who already knew some of these songs, the workshop was a good refresher, and for others, a good learning experience. Turnout for all the sessions was good, especially since they took place on weekends during the season to be busy. It was wonderful to see many old-timers back in the line-up, and just as wonderful to have a visit from the newest new-timer of all, Jessi’s baby grand daughter!