While we are sitting on the San Francisco airport, we reviewed the wonderful time we had during our Hula seminar on Maui and Kauai. It was a big adventure. For some of us it was the first trip to Hawai’i and therefore very exciting and sometimes overwhelming. Staying together with 16 women in one room with one toilet and bathroom was challenging, but a good experience, too.

It was so wonderful to meet the ladies from Hawai’i again who had been in Germany in 2004 as well as Kawai. And we enjoyed to meet several Hula sisters we did not know before. We’d like to thank all the Kauai ladies for hosting us and making one day more delicious than the day before. Staying at Limahuli and Koke’e was like paradise. When we joined our Hula-sisters during the ceremony at Ke ahu a Laka it was an exciting and very special moment for us.

We learned a lot when we went together with Puanani and Ed Lindsey to Honokawai, Ukumehame and the taro patch. It was nice to enjoy natur and to help to take care of the nature.
Our first time paddeling was another challenge. As soon we were in the canoes, it was fun. And we saw turtels in the sea.

We enjoyed to see all the places we know from our songs and dances. Special thanks to Jim who took us around Maui and Kauai and who had a lot of patience with 16 women! A lot of things we have done and seen would not have been possible, if we would have come to Hawai’i as normal tourists. Therefore we would like to special thank our Kumu Roselle and her husband Jim as well as their daughters Sharon and Pohakalani, all Hula-teachers and Hula-sisters from Ka Imi Na’auao O Hawai’i Nei, the members of Lae Ula ‘O Kai, Marsha Ericsson, David Boynton, Umi and his girlfriend, Puanani and Ed Lindsey as well as their family, Mary-Hellen Lindsey, Skippy, Fern Duvell and Bob Hobdy, Kim and Forrest, the ladies who showed us the russian fort and David, the manager of Limahuli botanical garden.
Mahalo and Aloha,
Noho ka manawa i Hula alapa’i from Germany, 28th July 2006