2011 E`o Emalanai Program for Ka`Imi Na`auao O Hawai`I Nei Institute

Aloha tatou. Ka ‘Imi Na’auao o Hawai’i Nei Institute is an educational non-profit organization founded by Roselle Keli’ihonipua Bailey of Maui for preserving and teaching  the Hawaiian culture. To this end, we sponsor activities that include linguistic research, propagation of native plants, learning traditional crafts, and collection of oral histories.
As part of our endeavor to gather history from Kaua’i’s west side, we interviewed kupuna Evelyn Olores of Kekaha, a descendent of Queen Emma’s guide, Kaluahi. This interview inspired us to dedicate our program to this remarkable man, whose profound knowledge of the Koke’e region made the Queen’s adventure possible. His family has generously allowed us to perform a mele he composed about the beauty of the mountains that he knew so well. This mele will serve as our program’s introduction.
Our salute to Kaluahi extends to all those who have guided and continue to guide us on our individual and collective journeys through time, space, and thought. Two of these are “Uncle Willie Kane”, William Kepahukaniolonookainoahou Goodwin, who gave us the manuscript containing the words to our second song, “Olokele Hula”, and Roselle Bailey’s father, Grandpa Lindsey, who composed its tune.
For our last dance, we perform a mele composed by one of our own students. Originally intended as a tribute to our founder, this composition also honors all of our teachers and their teachers.

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