It was a glorious day in the meadow as Tracyann Hiipoilani Kanahele portraying Queen Emma rode into the meadow on horseback. “Isn’t she beautiful?” “How regally she carries herself!” “I cried when she danced.” were some of the comments as her presence set the tone for what many agreed was one of the best festivals ever. Even the weather co-operated! Clear sky, gentle breeze, neither too hot nor too cold; it was a made-to-order day.

Each year performing at the EO Emalani festival in the Kanaloahuluhulu meadow in Koke’e holds special meaning for the Institute as our Kumu, Roselle Keli’ihonipua Bailey, created the annual festival with Hui O Laka in 1987.

This year was no exception as we presented pieces Roselle set to rhythm and hula from the hand written 19th century manuscripts given to her decades ago to “bring the words to life”. Although some were presented at Merry Monarch and other venues through the years, this performance was unique to us as we celebrated the professional conservation of these precious manuscripts. Click here for information on the 19th Century Manuscripts given to Roselle Bailey.